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Hello, my name is Norman, and I reside in San José, USA. One day, as I strolled through my neighborhood, my attention was captured by an old house that stood out amongst the others. Its exterior exuded an air of mystery in this boring city. I found myself wondering why such a beautiful house seemed to be uninhabited. From that moment on, I made it a habit to spend a few minutes each day observing the house from far away. But as time went on, my curiosity only grew stronger, and eventually, I resolved to explore the house myself. The rest of the day I researched the history of the house and found the name of the house is Winchester House and there lived a rifle producer and his wife. After the tragic death of her husband, the wife made peculiar alterations to the house, believing it to be haunted by the ghosts of those who had fallen victim to the Winchester rifle. After also her death the house was many times tried to sell but after every house visit the interested parties were no longer interested.

At 10 pm I wake up and put my clothes on which I have already prepared for the journey then I also take my backpack and leave the house quietly. I started walking to the house when I arrived at the house I was shocked at how creepy it was looking like the night. But this couldn’t stop me and I climbed over the fence and sneaked into the direction of the house. In front of the door took out the flashlight and a lockpick set to open the door. Up the lookpick set wasn’t needed. The door wasn’t closed and I sneaked into the house but couldn’t see that something haunted me. In the beginning, I looked at the guest sleeping rooms and the living rooms but didn’t find something in there. After their living room, I go upstairs to the sleeping room of Miss Winchester.

In the room at the beginning nothing but this wasn’t anymore after I came back from the wardrobe. Then I saw the ghost of a German soldier on the bed and he was shot with a rifle on the bed. At first, I was scared and screamed and ran away home. In my room, my parents were sitting on my bed, they didn’t look really happy when I entered the room. I went home arrest for three weeks, but the next morning I noticed that I had lost my backpack and remembered that I had placed it beside the bed of Miss Winchester’s room before I searched in the wardrobe. This evening I went again to the house to get my bag but someone was standing in the garden. It was the ghost from yesterday and he had my bag, I went to him and asked if I could have my bag back. He was very kind and gave it to me he felt sorry that he had scared me. But his was to save me from the ghost of Mister Winchester who to get a person’s body. Because if a ghost goes into the body of a living person the ghost gets a second life. The name of the ghost who told me this was Henry and he was the first husband of Miss Winchester. After he was killed in the war and has been a ghost since then, he saved Miss Winchester from many dangerous situations. When she married Mister Winchester he thought his job was finished but shortly after Mister Winchester died. Henry tried to get friends with Mister Winchester hadn’t much interest his only plan was to be alive again. He tried many times to go into Miss Winchester’s body but Henry could every time save her. But Miss Winchester misunderstood this and thought Henry would be a bad ghost. She built many different safety rooms for her. When Miss Winchester died, Mister Winchester focused on people who wanted to buy the house. But Henry could also save them all, after 20 people no one wanted to buy the house and Mister Winchester gave up for over 50 years, and yesterday he tried it again but Henry could not stop Mister Winchester and was able to wipe him out. Grateful for Henry’s intervention, I thanked him so much, and with my backpack safely in hand, I made my way back home

As time passed, I found myself drawn back to the Winchester House, each visit offering new insights into the mysteries that lay within its walls. And though I may never fully understand the secrets of the households, I am forever grateful for the unlikely alliance forged with Henry, the ghost who saved me from a fate far worse than I could have imagined.

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