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Pablo, Juan and Paul where once on a mision to discover the misteries of the hidden Leaf village when they stumbled upon an old cave, they thought.

The hidden leaf village: Pablo, Paul and Juan

They were all in shock and ran in different directions when the police found them all in different places of the forbidden village. They brought them far away to a big city full of people and lights. They were in the police station and got asked who they were, how they got there and what they were surching there. Pablo, 16 years young said: We only wanted to have fun in the nearest forest when we stumbled upon a village. Juan, 15 years young said: I dont know, i just followed my brother Pablo with his friend Paul to go outside. Paul, 17 just wanted to have fun. The Police let them sleep in a near Hotel where they were released to go home the next day.

A few days have passed when Paul told Pablo that he wanted to go back and see what was so mysterious about the place they stumbled upon. They made plans and fleed from home when they realised that they forgot Juan. They thought about getting him, when they heard a noice next to them and decided to keep going without him.

Pablo and Paul arrived at the cave and went in. They couldnt see anything but luckily Pablo brought his flash lights.

They were walking and walking non-stop without finding any clue of what could be in that cave but suddenly found train rails and mine carts. It was full of stones, black ones, white ones, gold ones every kind of colour that you could think of. It was getting colder by every step they took. Found bodies on the ground, containers, helmets almost like people lived underneath the hidden village. They were looking for something. They made a break. They were getting scared every second that passed. Paul made a fire with the sticks that were laying on the ground and fell a sleep. They didnt have much to drink left and to eat but didnt want to stop here. We have came so far said Paul. I dont want to stop here we still dont know what we will find at the end of this cave. He conviced him and kept walking. Few hours later they found a dead end. What should we do? They looked back and it was closed. It was like a dead end from both sides. They didnt have a choice then build their own way out when they looked up and everything was shining. They found shining stones that were leading to a direction. They ran as fast as they possibly could when suddently blinding light was shining into the cave.

The hidden leaf village: Pablo and Paul

They found a new Place where everything was green. It was like in a dream and this underneath a hidden village. They couldnt believe their eyes. They were the chosen ones to found the mysterious place underneath the human world. On the way back they figured out that the people who died in the cave where looking for the same thing that they have found. We have done it. It was their secret and untill today no one knows about this place.

The hidden leaf village

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